7 1/2 inch D2 Steel Boning Knife with Micarta Handle


D2 Steel is a versatile high-carbon, high-chromium, air-hardening tool steel with high hardness capacity and good ware resistance, its composed of: 1.5% Carbon; 12% Chromium; 0.9% Molybdenum; 1.10% Vanadium; 0.45% Manganese; 0.40% Silicon; 0.03% Phosphorus; and 0.02% Sulfur.

It’s almost a stainless steel in the composition properties, all in all a great steel for knives and edge retention and has a Rockwell hardness range of 55-62 HRC.

Veneman-ARMS LLC – [26] – SKU: OH1CHMIS1D2

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D2 steel’s ubiquity started during World War II in the production factories and shipyards. D2 steel was utilized to make hardened steel dies used to deliver precise cutting pressure onto softer steel and other materials for mass production of products.


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