5in Damascus Steel Chef Knife


5 Inch Damascus Steel Chef Knife

Templars Choice hand forges Damascus Steel with the Highest Quality 1095/15N20 Steel. Our blades aim for our standard 352 layers.

1095 – High Carbon Steel is Excellent for Forging Knives. It has a carbon content of .95% which serves to harden the steel and reduces the amount of wear that a blade will experience over time. Knives that use 1095 Steel hold a edge for a long time and are very easy to sharpen.

15N20 – High Nickel Alloy most commonly used with 1095 Steel to create Damascus. It is a bright and acid-resistant metal used for Forging with High Carbon Steels to draw out the Contrast in Damascus Patterned billets for Knives and Swords. 15N20’s Iron is alloyed with 0.88% carbon, 0.40% manganese, 2.0% nickel and 0.10% phosphorus and silicon.

To care for Damascus blades, make sure to thoroughly dry them if they become wet, and then lubricate them with mineral oil or olive oil. Hand Wash Only.

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Cast Damascus Steel, known as wootz, was popular in the East. It’s produced by melting pieces of iron and steel with charcoal in a reducing atmosphere (lacking oxygen). During the process, the metals absorb carbon from the charcoal and the resulting alloy is cooled at a very slow rate. Its origin can be traced back as far as 500 A.D. In India, it was called Telangana, Wootz or Ukku Steel. It then found its way to Damascus, Syria which was the center of trade in that region for War equipment such as Knives, Swords and Armor.


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