52100 Powder Coated Ball Bearing Steel Broad Dagger Pakka Wood


52100 Ball Bearing Steel Broad Dagger with Black Oxide Coating Pakka Wood Handle

Templars Choice hand forges blades with 52100 Steel. We have powder coated several of these with a Black Oxide Coating for those with a more tactical need, and also providing some corrosive resistance.

52100 steel is a high carbon chromium alloy steel with 1% Carbon, 1.5% Chromium, .5% Manganese, and .3% Silicon. 52100 steel is particularly used in making ball bearings, and vehicle parts thanks to its combination of strength, hardness, and workability. It makes an excellent steel for making knives, axes, and swords.

To care for 52100 blades, make sure hand wash them and thoroughly dry them. Lubricate with mineral oil or olive oil.

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52100 was developed in the early 1900’s. It was developed for use in bearings. It has been used in many knives, in part due to its good properties in forging. The chromium addition improves hardenability and improves toughness. The chromium addition also means that 52100 allows for improved wear resistance. Chromium adds some corrosive resistance, however 52100 does not have enough chromium to make it a stainless steel. We often powder coat our 52100 blades with a Black Oxide Coating to give the blade a striking tactical black appearance, increase its corrosive resistance, and reduce friction.


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