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Artisan Handcrafted Quality Knives

Templars Choice Knives

Artisan Handcrafted Damascus Knives & Swords

Artisan Handcrafted D2 Steel Knives & Swords

Beutiful Damascus Patterns

Superior Quality

Utilize 1095 & 15N20 High Carbon Steel

352 Plus Layered Steel

Forged in Fire

Order Single Knivies or by Collection

Custom Handcrafted Orders

Why shop Templar Choice?

Every blade, dagger, or sword we produce is treated with the same level of skillful, quality, care and devotion that was a cornerstone of the peak of the Knights’ Templar.  As that Order was custodians of many of the great Temples and fortresses of Europe, we see ourselves as custodians of their wider legacy of craftsmanship and quality.  Should you desire a piece of that legacy to display or use, there is no better choice than “Templars’ Choice.”

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We bring the World fine Damascus Artisan Knives handcrafted from the specialty methods and skills passed down in generations since the origins born from the City of Damascus in the 3rd Millenium B.C.

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